Refugees In Canada Need Medical & Dental Care

Refugees In Canada Need Medical & Dental Care

Refugees are current crossing into Canada, some seeking asylum from Haiti and some are fleeing places like Syria. Many were actually established in American cities, but had are leaving because of the U.S. administration’s threats to deport them.

Many of the refugees coming into Canada are facing an array of health and medical issues, including oral health problems caused by a mix of lack of resources, lack of education, and lack of access to proper care during their journey.


There have been reports of refugees that were in pain and experiencing discomfort, and some children who have never seen a dentist in their lives. Urgent dental care is covered under Ottawa’s Interim Federal Health Program, which applies to government-sponsored refugees, which pays for emergency dental examinations, dental x-rays, and extractions. Clinics in Quebec and New Brunswick are already offering free help and support to those in need.

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