Happy International Day of The Girl!

Happy International Day of The Girl!

Happy International Day of the Girl! Today we celebrate the potential of every young woman, and for us, the potential of young women who are entering or thinking about entering dental care as a career. The dentistry field relies on some of the best and brightest minds, many of which are women, and it’s our goal to help these young women get encouragement for a promising future.

As an employer of some of the most wonderful women in our province (if you ask us, anyway), it’s vitally important that the young women and girls in our communities understand that the door is always open for them to ask questions of their dentist and get to know their potential options in our profession.

Our dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants relied on their mentors and role models to get where they were, so they want you to know they’re here to help or listen.

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