Dr. Yaser Issa

Dr. Yaser Issa was born in Siria. Since then, he has travelled (& worked) around the world. Travel has always been a passion of his, so much so that the airport feels like home. He has studied at four different universities in three separate countries earning him five degrees in dentistry.

He is married with three children, one boy & two girls. His children are all involved in music & some kind of sport. His son, Jad, is in his first year at Acadia University. His eldest daughter, Lara, is in grade 11; and his youngest daughter, Layan, is in grade 6. He also has a pet golden doodle, Mozzie, named after “Mozzart”. Mozzie will sit and relax at his children’s feet while they play the piano.

Fun fact about Dr. Issa is that if he hadn’t taken dentistry, he would have loved being a physicist or maybe even a cook. He likes to cook quite a lot at home. His daughter has lovingly told him that he makes the best, tasty, “unhealthy” food ever.

Dr. Issa’s pass time includes reading, swimming & fishing. His favorite movie is “Far and Away” with Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise. His favorite song is “Far Away”. Favorite book is “Report to Greco” by Nikos Kazatzakis. His current dream is to vacation in China.